Salamander Mutant
Salamander Mutant (40) - A salamander monster. It can extend its tongue, turn invisible, and shoot acidic sparks from its mouth. Gorgom had Salamander Mutant attack various locations to make way for Gorgom's world domination. Kotaro confronted Salamander Mutant and transformed into Kamen Rider BLACK. Salamander Mutant used its invisibility to evade Kamen Rider BLACK and use its acid sparks on him. Salamander Mutant escaped after reacting to the heat of the fire it caused and Kotaro had pursued Salamander Mutant into the countryside looking for this monster's hideout only to run into a karate master named Takazaki Sanro and his student Souchan. Salamander Mutant later attacked Souchan who made off with him. Kotaro followed Salamander Mutant's trail to a watery cave where Salamander Mutant attacked. Kotaro transformed into Kamen Rider BLACK to counter-attack. When Salamander Mutant started to cause a cave-in, Kamen Rider BLACK called for Road Sector while Salamander Mutant went after Souchan. Takazaki defended Souchan where the area got too hot for Salamander Mutant. Upon getting to a safe distance from the fire, Salamander Mutant attacked Souchan until Kamen Rider BLACK arrived and they fight in the river. Upon discovering Salamander Mutant's weakness, Kamen Rider BLACK tricked it into using the acid sparks on the oil barrels. Using this to his advantage, Kamen Rider BLACK killed Salamander Mutant with the Rider Kick.