(Jungle Action#15) - After the Black Panther and his allies routed N'Jadaka Village, Killmonger sent Salamander K'Ruel to punish him. K'Ruell ambushed the Panther in Serpent Valley. The Panther narrowly dodged K'Ruel's first arrow and feigned injury, enabling him to get the drop on K'Ruel's partner, M'Halak. K'Ruel loosed another arrow, which the Panther also dodged. However, when T'Challa unwittingly grappled with K'Ruell, he was punctured by hundreds of quills and passed out from the pain. Rather than finish off the Panther, K'Ruell bound him to two cacti and left him for two pteradons to feed on. However, T'Challa managed to mount one of the pteradons and forced it to lead him back to K'Ruell. Salamander fired an arrow right through the approaching pteradon's head, but T'Challa used the momentum of his flight to enhance the force of his kick. He then polished off the stunned Salamander by cracking his bow over his head. T'Challa returned to the Wakandan palace with K'Ruell before passing out.

(Jungle Action#17) - Salamander K'Ruel was trapped under rubble when Killmonger ran a group of dinosaurs through the palace, shattering it. The rest of Killmonger's legions left him behind.