Sal Gravina Mafia II

Don Sal Gravina is the supposed main antagonist, but in fact the true secondary antagonist of the two Mafia II DLC Packs The Betrayal of Jimmy and Jimmy's Vendetta. He is the employer of playable character Jimmy and later betrays him.

Sal Gravina is a major mob boss in Empire Bay, who employs freelance criminal Jimmy to carry out jobs for him. However Gravina conspires with the corrupt Judge Hillwood (who has a hold over the criminal underworld in Empire Bay) to have Jimmy set up, arrested and sent down for 10-years.

Jimmy escapes prison and goes on a revenge spree. After taking down Gravina's gang, including his Underboss, soldiers and associates, he faces off with Gravina at the docks and guns him down, killing him.


  • A character using the same model as Sal appears in the Mafia II chapter "Stairway to Heaven".