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Sakurako is a villain/anti-hero in the Anima and Manga Boys Over Flowers.


Sakurako was born "ugly" and she gets picked on for it, during her time at kindergarten she developed a crush on one the wealthiest classmates, Tsukasa Domyoujii. She asks her two friends not to tell anyone but when they see they younger F4 they called Tsukasa about their friend about having feelings for him, one of the girls pointed towards Sakurako as all four boys stared at her, two of them insulted and laughed at her. Then Tsukasa yells "Hey you ugly freak, stay away from me how dare you like me, when you got a face like that you freak!"

Which traumatized her and the turning point that cause her to do what she can to become beautiful. After both her parents died and left her a large amount of money, which she used to have plastic surgery on her face. But then after the surgery it caused her to be vain and ugly that it cost her losing all friends.



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