Saint Shalulia is a female World Noble, the younger sister of Saint Charloss, and the daughter of Saint Roswald.

She is voiced by Tiffany Grant.


She first appeared when her slave, Devil Dias escaped in the Sabaody Archipelago, making her father comment on her carelessness in ruining his captain collection. After Dias' collar exploded, she mocked his pitifulness, shot him and then casually walked away commenting on how next time she wants a giant as a slave.


Like most Celestial Dragons, Saint Shalulia is cold and ruthless and views everyone below them as inferior. When one of her slaves were died she was unsatisfied by the turn of events and demands a replacement which shows her lack of empathy for those below her. Despite her merciless personality, Saint Shalulia was worried about her father, Saint Roswald, and her brother Saint Charloss when they were attacked by the Straw Hats and showed some care for their well being.

Saint Shalulia, like most Celestial Dragons is xenophobic and has hatred towards the Fishmen.

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