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A swarm attacking.

The saimyōshō are the insect henchmen of Naraku from Inuyasha. Weak demons, they're used by Naraku as spies, to retrieve Shikon Jewel shards, protection for his incarnations and allies, and as a deterrant to the monk Miroku's  wind tunnel. Their only strength lies in their prodigious numbers and high toxicity of their poisonous stings. They first appear in the 61st manga chapter and the 18th anime episode. 


  • Their name is written as 最猛勝 -- Hell Wasps or Venom Wasps in the manga. 
  • Though they are called wasps, they more closely resemble bees, seeing as how they usually act in swarms and die when they sting others. 
  • A unique ability of theirs is being able to merge together to form demonic body parts, such as a replacement arm for Musō.
  • They are suggested to have some degree of intelligence, since Naraku entrusts them to monitor his enemies and allies (with Kagura being among the most heavily supervised) and are able to relay orders to other henchmen. 
  • They are loyal only to Naraku, yet Kanna  also seemed to have some control over them, as she was able to use them like video cameras to project images in her mirror. 
  • Their poison is difficult to cure due to its high toxicity and the fact that their stingers are absorbed by their victim's body, making their removal impossible and facilitating the fast spread of the poison. One of the few antidotes to their poison is a specific kind of berry. 
  • In battle, their chief uses are to confuse and obfuscate those who pursue Naraku or even carry him away from danger if needed; additionally, they are preventative measures against Miroku's wind tunnel, since their absorption into his body could prove fatal. 
  • They seem to have been retired by the end of the series, seeing how Naraku developed a more lethal form of miasma that was able to do a better job of poisoning his enemies and how he now only employed Byakuya to gather intelligence for him. 


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