Treachery! Mutiny! I won't stand for it! I'll have you in the dry-dock, Skiff, and take away your sail!
~ Sailor John revealing his true traitorous nature.

Sailor John is the hidden main antagonist of the Thomas and Friends special Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.

He was voiced by the late John Hurt who also played The Horned KingMr. Mole, and the TV version of General Woundwort.


When he first appeared, Sailor John was shown to be acting friendly and gently, having a sense of adventure in him. He also shown to be obsessed with finding the treasure. When Thomas told Sailor John about the treause was going to the museum, he reveals his true colors: sinister, greedy, ruthless, and manipulative.

He also demonstrates an abusive side towards Skiff, initially demonstrated through his apathy of making Skiff constantly swallow sea water. Once Skiff becomes aware of his true intentions, Sailor John forces Skiff to act as his getaway vehicle. In the climax, he also repeatedly threatens to dismantle Skiff, should he continue to protest and counter him.

We Make A Team Together - Sailor John Version01:19

We Make A Team Together - Sailor John Version

Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure

Kicked out of the navy, Sailor John retired to the Island of Sodor. During his time on the island, he learned about the sodor treasure and became obsessed with finding it. Sometime around, he also found, whom he used to help him find the treasure. Since he figured the police or anyone else in charge of the island would suspect what he was up to, Sailor John would only come on the island at night Sailor John first appears in the narrative while watching over the uncovering of the lost ship through his spyglass, atop Skiff. Fitting Skiff with wheels, Sailor John travels out to the site of the new branch line's construction. He receives help from Thomas, taking advantage of the tank engine's desire to be helpful. With Thomas' help, Sailor John uncovers the map leading to the treasure. Unfortunately for him, the treasure had been dug up by Marion the Steam Crane and transported to Sir Topham Hatt's office, under his care. When Thomas reveals that the treasure will be taken to the museum, Sailor John becomes enraged, declaring that the treasure is "rightfully his" after years of searching.

That night, Sailor John uses dynamite to break into Sir Topham Hatt's office and steals the treasure. He also reveals that he has stolen the old ship and reworked it into a large escape vehicle. Thomas gives chase and, getting help from both the new engine Ryan and the Arlesdale engines, the large ship is derailed. Escaping with the treasure aboard Skiff, Sailor John throws everything else aboard Skiff at Thomas to ward him off, eventually revealing another bundle of dynamite. Skiff shifts enough to keep the dynamite from hitting Thomas, but they eventually reach the water. When they arrived at the seaside village, Thomas crashing into the water unable to chase him. The treasure threatens to sink Skiff, and Sailor John refuses to jettison it to save themselves. Fed up with Sailor John's mistreatment and threats, Skiff uses a wave to knock the treasure into the ocean. Sailor John tries to hold onto the treasure chest, but loses his grip and it stinks to the bottom, leaving him with no choice but swim back up to the surface. By the time morning came, the police arrived and arrest Sailor John for his crimes. It's uncertain what became of him, but it's likely he spends the rest of his life in jail. With Sailor John behind bars, not only was the treasure, who was resurfaced by Captain the boat and scuba divers, safe from the treacherous pirate, but Skiff was no longer his slave and didn't had to be abused anymore and was now given a new captain and gave children rides.




  • Sailor John is the first Thomas villain to be human (not counting the deleted character P.T. Boomer)
  • Sailor John is also the second Thomas villain in a special since Diesel 10 in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.