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Saeki Takamura(also known The Aunt) it's the main enemie of the short game Paranoiac. Saeki Takamura it's the aunt of the protagonist of the game, Miki Takamura.  Saeki, before your death, It's a normal human. 

Disturbed past

Saeki Takamura  was hated by his sister, The Mother of Miki Takamura. His name never revealed during the game. When Saeki becomes pregnant, And go tell your sister, Sister gets angry. And Saeki accused of only being pregnant to make her husband happy. After the conversation, Sister says for what never disturb her thing a useless stuff and exit this room.

After a conversation between Miki and Saeki, Saeki promises to make a teddy bear for her niece. Then a while, the doctor of Saeki says that her baby of Saeki never existed.

After this revelation, Saeki goes into deep depression. Causing it to separate from her husband because he wanted a happy family,After that, Saeki was so depressed now becoming schizophrenic, imagining stuffs.

Seeking support from sister, Sister mocked the same. 

Although some people have helped Saeki, Same wondered what they all thought she was useless. no good, it was a killer.

Even though no one has said that her The same was quite mad. Turning to imagine that everyone told her to die. 

After this.

Saeki hung himself in one of the locked rooms of the house. Thereafter, A vengeful spirit has taken hold of Saeki, causing her to become a monster without half of his body.

In this monster form

In monster form, Saeki first appeared on the Night of Day 1 of the game.  She chases Miki Takamura until it can hide in a good enough place. If she gets close to Miki Miki die instantaneously.

His final appearance is the Night of Day 5. 

Tonight, she appears hanged on a rope, To loosen and then turn the monster without half of the body. 

After Miki go to the basement and be trapped, Saeki remember the bear, And the words of Miki, it collapses, leaving to live. 

After that, it no longer appears. Causing the good end of the game, which also has Bad Ending.