Sadie Bickerman is the main human antagonist of Lake Placid 2. She is the sister of Delores and takes care of the crocodiles of Black Lake since her death. However, she is far eviler than her sister, as she usually feeds the crocodiles with humans.

She is portrayed by Cloris Leachman.


Early life

Sadie never had children. After her sister Delores was devoured by four young crocodiles, she inherited her house and discovered the crocodiles, but she decided to take care of them, regarding them as her children. She named them Martha, Max, George Jr. and Gracie.

Lake Placid 2

Two years later, one of the crocodiles devours a man. Knowing that her sister used to take care of crocodiles in the past, Sheriff James Riley and officer Emma Warner come to Sadie's house in order to interrogate her, but she rudely refuses to tell them anything.

Later that day, a photographer comes to visit Sadie, who brings him to a boat dock near her house. However, she quickly goes back to her house saying she has to make a snack, therefore the photographer stays alone and takes pictures of the lake, but a crocodile arrives and devours him.

During the night, Sheriff Riley and officer Warner come back to her house and threaten to arrest her if she doesn't tell them the whole truth. Sadie admits that she takes care of the crocodiles but hides the fact that she gave the people to eat and also pretends there are only three crocodiles.

In the morning, Sheriff Riley brings his son Scott and his girlfriend Kerri to Sadie's house after they have been attacked by the crocodiles. However, once Kerri insults the crocodiles, Sadie decides to trick the two teenagers into going to the boat dock. A crocodile then emerges from the lake, but Scott and Kerri manage to struggle and Sadie is eventually devoured.

Lake Placid 3

Sadie appears briefly in the film when her nephew Nathan has a flashback of her death.



  • Strangely, Nathan Bickerman mentions in Lake Placid 3 that he spent time with Sadie in her house on the lake when he was a child, despite the fact that she only inherited of the house after Delores's death a few years earlier.