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2DTV Saddam
How would you like an extremely large sum of money... and some new pants?
~ Saddam Hussein to the UN inspector.
Saddam Hussein is a minor villain in 2DTV. He is the antagonist to a very child-like George Bush.

In this incarnation, Saddam is dicpicted as trying to suck up to the UN as he shows an inspector "no weapons" as he hides nuclear warheads in camels and disquises others as women wearing burkas.

However he tries to bribe the inspector with a large sum  of money and some new pants when he accidently exposes missiles as the inspector is given a wedgie (the rocket tip catches the UN inspector's pants).

His office is depicted as very similar to that of George Bush's in the White House. It is "protected" by kittens on the basis that George wouldn't harm cute kittens. In another sketch (called Saddam's Family) Saddam is with The Addams Family and nukes everyone with nuclear warheads.

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