KRW-Sachio Sawada
Liar Dopant
Sachio Sawada is Liar Gaia Memory user.

Sachio Sawada

He is a street calligrapher and poet who uses the Liar Memory to become the Liar Dopant, referred to in urban legends as the Radio Tower Clown. Though he is paid by Yukiho to help Jimmy win the Fuuuuuutic Idol competition, he turns on her after she fails to pay him his ideal amount, revealing the ruse in front of Jimmy. Once his cover is blown, and his being a fan of Wakana Sonozaki's radio show used against him, the Liar Dopant is defeated through the combined powers of Kamen Riders Double and Accel, with Double dealing the final blow using CycloneJoker's Joker Extreme.

In the music video for "Love♡Wars", the Liar Dopant makes a cameo as he fights the Kamen Riders.

Dopant Form

  • Height: 229 cm
  • Weight: 130 kg

In his dopant form, he can spit needles and is armed with the Lie Speaks, a staff with a large speaker in a shape of a giant mouth that can shoot energy blasts, the Liar Dopant's signature move is converting any lie he says into his Lie Needles, forcing whoever it hits to fall under the Dopant's deception.