MAGIC!!!! *laughing maniacally*
~ Sabrina's evil quote in the infamous video she is parodied on.
Sabrina Spellman is a character from the popular situation comedy series Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and parodied as a villainess in the infamous video, Sabrina & Salem: Together Again. Although Sabrina is found in common media as a kind and beautiful sorceress girl, this parody of Sabrina alters her personality into a more wicked and evil woman. Salem convinces her to use magic and she agrees to. Sabrina turned villainous and began terrorizing a restaurant with her dark magic, cackling evilly as she taunted her victims. During her attack, the evil Sabrina even tossed a cup at a young boy's head, all while displaying her heel persona and no remorse. Sabrina arrogantly boasts about her powers while committing her evil acts, but the video ends with her powers being revealed as a figment of her imagination, portraying Sabrina as a psychotic madwoman.