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Sabrina Galloway is the tertiary antagonist of the videogame Prototype 2.

After being tracked by James Heller Galloway bargains to keep her alive if she helps him hunt down other Evolved and kill them. When Heller hunts down Roland, Mercer's right hand man and the only other person that cannot be tracked, along with Heller himself, by Galloway, she sends him on more missions, including saving New York Zero from Operation Firehawk.

When Heller finishes these missions, Galloway offers to run away with him to another city, where they could both rule, which he refuses. Angry at his decision, Galloway betrays him and sides with Mercer once again, taking Heller's daughter, Amaya, to Mercer himself.

After Heller confronts Mercer, Mercer consumes all of his Evolved, including Galloway, to become faster and stronger. This kills her instantly.

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