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~ Sabrina's popular catchphrase

Sabrina is the main antagonist of the Tyler Perry movie, Madea's Big Happy Family and is the ghetto baby mama of Byron Simmons.

She is known for her loud-mouthed catchphrase, screaming of Byron's name, BYRRROOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN and uses that to irritate Byron and his family.

She frequently harasses Byron for child support and knew that he used to do drugs and when he didn't to drugs, she ratted him out to the police and is friendly towards his mother, Sherley and Kimberley's husband, Calvin as she always says his name.

Her catchphrase humiliates Byron and she even said it to him until the movie's protagonist, Madea gave her and Shirley's family a lecture at her post-funeral and after this lecture, it's possible that Sabrina might have been redeemed after she agreed with Madea's lecture.

She is portrayed by Teyana Taylor.