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Sabbala in the main villain in the film adaptation of The People That Time Forgot. He was played by Milton Reid.


Sabbala was the ruthless leader of the Nagas, a green-skinned man who ruled the northern regions of Caprona from his lair in the Mountain of Skulls, sending his men, led by Chung-Sha, to wipe out the Galus after Bowen Tyler and Lisa Clayton began teaching the primitive humans skills which rivaled the Nagas' own. It was Sabbala who imprisoned Tyler and murdered Lisa by sacrificing her to Nagramata, and when Ben McBride came searching for Tyler, he attempted to do the same to McBridge's photographer Charlotte Cunningham, as well as the Galu woman Ajor. However McBride, Tyler and Dr. Edwin Norfolk interrupted the ceremony, and in the ensuing fight, Sabbala was knocked into the sacrificial lava pit by Ajor, as revenge for the massacre of her tribe.

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