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SZZU is the third member of the Seven Apostles, featured in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME. She is voiced by Yoko Hikasa.


SZZU has the appearance of a young, blonde lady wearing glasses and a spiked ornament in her forehead that looks like a coronet. She wears futuristic, orange-coloured armor resembling a dress with large shoulder pauldrons and black gloves. She is quite knowledgeable of human emotions and behaviour, and is the only one who truly understands her fellow Apostle CKRY, in spite of the latter's violent and savage demeanour. She does not display any particular ability in contrast to her fellow Apostles (like MZMA's control over fire, for example), and presumably centers on close combat. She wields a large, yellow blade with a uniquely shaped hilt.

Manga appearance

Like MZMA, SZZU's personality seems to be a bit different from the game. It is revealed that she has no loyalty to SAHA or WRS whatsoever, and that she and CKRY are secretly plotting to revolt against the government. As part of their plan, they assassinate MZMA and join up with PSS, staying with them in their arctic base for over two months. During that time, SZZU seems to become attached to Rothcol and develops a crush on him. Both SZZU and CKRY are later killed by XNFE while trying to defend PSS.

Battle Skills

  • Sweet Chat - Heals health over time.
  • Yellow Tiger Strike Drive - SZZU along with CKRY charges head on and strikes down their opponent two times.


  • Since SZZU is very aware of the human emotions, she let BRS say goodbye to the members of PSS. She also halts CKRY when he was about to attack BRS with his fist, instead she said "I will let you finish here" and let her talk to PHOBOS and Rothcol.
  • Some refer to the Apostle Twins as "S&M Twins" because of the skill Sweet Chat.
  • Her looks bears resemblance to Chariot.
  • She looks a bit like Moeka from Steins;Gate.
  • SZZU's name (Shizu) means "silent" in Japanese.



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