The STUDY Corporation (スタディコーポレーション Sutadi Kōporēshon) or STUDY (スタディ Sutadi) is an anime exclusive science-side organization and is the main antagonist faction of the second half of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S anime series. They are a medical corporation but they are heavily involved in human experimentation and various different criminal & terrorist activities in the Dark Side of Academy City. The organization itself has currently dissolved after the Silent Party uprising had failed and all of the members of STUDY were arrested.



The exact date of the formation of STUDY is left unknown but what is known is that the organization was founded by Aritomi Haruk after he had dropped out of school to become a director of the company along with the other core members. The exact core of the organization was founded prior to STUDY's establishment as they had presented the Chemicaloid Project to different organizations in the dark side of the city but was turned down and now operates under the supervision of STUDY.


STUDY acts as a medical company and manufactures various different drugs and pharmaceutical goods. They also make technology such as laptops and other technological products. They sell these products to Anti-Skill and acquire their funds from Anti-Skill to secure financial support for their project. Due to their financing of Anti-Skill, STUDY is able to pull the strings of the organization because of STUDY being their main source of weapons and other vital resources and hold some (though small) amounts of influence in the criminal underworld. STUDY also produces various different artificial humans and clones espers and tries to make it the superior system for Academy City.


The primary main goal of STUDY is to be the top dominate in the esper system. STUDY makes and clones various different espers and they want to have their way be the dominate way of creating high-level espers and replace the Power Curriculum Program for being "too reliant". STUDY also various different terrorist goals in mind and planned on an armed revolt to achieve their agenda.

Notable Members