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Mankind must not go back to hiding in fear. No one else will protect us, we must stand up for ourselves. While the rest of mankind dwell in the light, we must stand in the darkness to combat it, contain it, and shield it from the eyes of the public, so that others may live in a sane, normal world.
We Secure. We Contain. We Protect.
~ "The Administrator" about the Foundation

The SCP Foundation is a secret organization of scientists who are devoted to collecting and containing all the supernatural objects and creatures in the world for the sake of protecting the rest of mankind from them. "SCP" stands for "Special Containment Procedures" and their unofficial motto, "Secure, Contain, Protect".

Items contained by SCP are classified as one of the following: "Safe" (items which can be reliably and safely contained and can be handled safely in with the proper procedures, however Safe items can still be just as dangerous as the other two object classes if they are not handled properly), "Euclid" (unpredictable and harder to contain than Safe objects) and "Keter" (they require extensive and precise containment procedures; most Keter items also pose an enormous threat to humanity or space-time in the event of a containment breach).

D-Class Orientation06:11

D-Class Orientation

One of the Foundation's D-Class orientation recorded.

The Foundation often uses D-Class personnel (commonly referred to as "Class-Ds") to handle and experiment extremely hazardous objects and anomalies. These people tend to be prison inmates convicted of violent crimes, especially those on death row. In times of duress, the Foundation will even use political prisoners, refugee populations, and ordinary civilians as alternative sources of D-Class personnel. Should a catastrophic site event occur, all Class-Ds in said facility are to be executed unless it is deemed necessary to keep them alive by security personnel.

In reality, The SCP Foundation is a wiki website consisting of pages on each item, presented as real classified documents with information such as of names of people and places censored. More in-depth information on the Foundation itself and the (fictional) people who run it can be found on said site.

Notable Evil SCPs

  • SCP-017: A shadow-like figure the size of a small child that when a shadow is casted upon it will lunge at the object engulfing it and leaving no trace of the object behind.
  • SCP-035: A tragedy/comedy mask that oozes flesh melting acid and seduces certain personnel to wear it, possessing their body and becoming an evil personality that pretends to be polite and shreds a person's mindset.
  • SCP-049: A plague doctor that claims he is the cure of the black plague, as he believes all non-doctors have it. Instead of curing personal, however, he performs surgery on them, which turns them into SCP-049-2s, hostile, mindless, re-animated corpses.
  • SCP–058: A living heart with tentacles that can move at extremely fast speeds. It is very hostile and possesses high destructive properties.
  • SCP–076: An SCP which consists of two parts: SCP-076-1, a stone cube which can resurrect SCP-076-2 when he dies, and SCP-076-2, a super strong humanoid killing machine known as "Able" who is implied to be the Biblical Abel.
  • SCP–087: A seemingly endless staircase inhabited by a mysterious monster who is referred to as "SCP-087-1".
  • SCP-096: A humanoid creature who will become enraged when someone looks at it's face, and once it happens, there is no stopping it from utterly destroying it's victim (beware, this occurs even if it's face is seen through video or picture).
  • SCP–106: A zombie–like monstrous old man who drags his victims into a pocket dimension and tortures them horribly before returning their mutilated bodies to our world.
  • SCP–173: A statue that moves extremely quickly toward any and every living thing it comes into contact with and kills it, and can only be stopped in its tracks through eye contact.
  • SCP-409: A large quartz crystal then when it comes in contact with a human or animal will cause it to painfully crystallize then burst into thousands of fragments with great force. 
  • SCP–457: A fully-aware being who is composed of only fire with no signs of organs. It literally wants to watch everything burn - as long as it's doing the burning.
  • SCP-513: An old rusty cowbell. Anyone who rings SCP-513 or hear it will be stalked by a skeleton like creature known as SCP-513-1 and die from paranoia, hyper-vigilance, and depression.
  • SCP–682: An incredibly hard to destroy giant reptilian-like monster with a hatred for all life.
  • SCP–735: A mechanical voice-box that always speaks vulgar and vile phrases. It's been known to drive anyone to suicidal tendencies.
  • SCP-804: An "art piece" designed by a misanthropic group with the intent of eradicating all humans and traces of human civilization.
  • SCP–953: A vicious, sadistic shape-shifting anthropomorphic fox who hates furies.
  • SCP–993: A character known as "Bobble the Clown," who can only be viewed by ten year olds and younger. He teaches kids atrocious things, such as cannibalism, torture, and how to stalk people without being noticed.
  • SCP–1548: An omniscient star that hates humanity and desires to destroy it, slowly racing toward the planet to do so.

Procedure 110-Montauk

Title removed by order of O5-██04:41

Title removed by order of O5-██

The hidden text in the SCP-231 article

Perhaps the Foundation's most horrific act, the 110-Montauk is a procedure that must be carried out on SCP-231-7, who is a girl of unidentified age who was apparently impregnated by a satanic sex cult (the Children of the Scarlet King) with a cosmic horror. If it is released upon the world it could cause a catastrophic scenario that would lead to the "end of the world." The procedure is to be carried out by Class-D personnel that have been known for mild sociopathic tendencies and sexual offences. Those who have experienced the procedure usually take amnesiacs in order to forget the experiment, and one doctor even committed suicide due to the emotional stress.

What happens during the procedure is relatively unknown, however, it has been said that they perform the procedure not because they want to do it, rather that they have to do it. It has largely been considered that the procedure is rape (though this has been denied by the writer of the SCP-231 article, who insists it's even worse). Most of the doctors say that it is "the worst possible thing imaginable."

A hidden text in the article suggests the Foundation is not actually doing everything within their ability to save SCP-231-7. This text reads "Don't believe it when they say they're trying to save her. Who would they bother? They've got exactly what they want exactly where they want it." Who this chilling message should be attributed to, what it is implying about the Foundation and whether there is even any truth to it is unknown.

More hidden text can be found throughout the article, hinting that something far more sinister is at work with the creature SCP–231-7 is supposed to give birth to. Copying and pasting the entire article onto a notepad or some other writing program will reveal a poem scattered into bits between each paragraph in the article. The poem details that the Foundation is playing right into Children of the Scarlet King's hands, and that their plan is coming to fruition. The poem can be found here:

The Hidden Poem
Seven seals, seven rings,

Seven brides for the Scarlet King.

They gather round the natal bed,

The foolish and the wise.

They fear the child yet to be born,

Whose voice shall rend the skies.

The faithful watch the forest

For the coming of the King.

Their lanterns bright, they wait at night

For the new world he shall bring.

The dragon waits in shadows,

His breath will scorch the land.

The hero in the castle draws his sword

And makes his stand.

The princess in the tower

Is hidden far away.

But nothing under heaven

Can keep The Groom at bay.

They gather round with leering smiles,

The soulless and the dead.

Though her soul unwinds, the cruelest minds

Will keep her in her bed.

The potter told his 'prentice

To prepare him seven jars.

Six he made with grace and skill,

The last his hands did mar.

The cretin moon no more is howling,

Gone its mourning black.

In their dreams its face is prowling,

Come to take them back.

The King is in his courting clothes,

The brides are in their beds.

The unborn princes wait in sleep

To raise their eager heads.

The hens were in the henhouse

And seven eggs did lay,

'Till the fox crept in by dark of night

And stole the eggs away.

Six were broken by their bindings

Six no more shall sing.

Comes the seventh full unwinding

And all the bells will ring.

When the first had given birth,

Then all the birds did sing.

Her screaming cries did shake the skies,

As she called out for her King.

By doctor's blade the second bade

A life into the world.

Untimely hewn neath a silent moon,

The King's red flag unfurled.

His bride the third remained unheard,

Her cries for help ignored.

She stopped her life with a surgeon's knife,

And gave it to Our Lord.

The fourth prepares a dagger

And places it at her heart.

The perfect cure cannot make pure

What the King has set apart.

The fifth one's crown was bearing down

Upon the fox's set.

The den was sundered with mighty thunder,

An apocalypse beget.

On the sixth's day, the walls gave way,

And the oceans turned to ash.

Her birth gave work, as the earth shook,

Underneath the King's fell lash.

The seventh bride will break the tides

The moon no more will shine.

There comes a day not far away

She'll birth the death of time.

The doctor never tells his god

Which one he really seeks.

Instead he hides himself away,

And quietly, he weeps.

Their god's own voice, he makes the choice,

Declaring with their word.

"In fear and pain let her remain,

Lest she be like the third."

The doctor's gun ended his run,

As he put it to his ear.

As she was defiled, the pitied child,

He gave it to his fear.

Her memory a fickle thing,

The strongest shall endure.

When her weeping starts to waver,

Their drugs make her mind pure.

O5 Command and Ethics Committee

SCP Foundation Ethics Committiee Orientation06:17

SCP Foundation Ethics Committiee Orientation

A doctor being orientated into the Ethics Committee.

The O5 Command (short for Overseers with Level 5 clearance) are the directors of the SCP Foundation and have access on any and all information related to SCP Objects and there are currently 13 members. They also oversee extremely important experiments and tests, especially those that concern Keter-class objects. They decide what is safe is what is too risky to do. However, due to the sensitive nature of their position, O5 personnel are not permitted to have any direct interaction with an SCP object, nor may they enter any site housing an SCP object under any circumstances. The only known identity currently of the O5 is O5-12, Adam (referenced here).

The Ethics Committee is stark in comparison to how they are regarded, being addressed as "low-rate seniors who can't change anything" and put up with a lot of teasing, however they have a underlying seriousness to themselves. They dictate what is and isn't acceptable and understand that the Foundation doesn't rule the world, and does it a favor by keeping some of these monstrosities from the world. It is also not as practical as the Foundation or the O5 would be in wording, using terms like "killed" rather than "terminated." The Ethics Committee could be considered as having the most power in the Foundation's organization of running things, as they sometimes protect the Foundation from itself on occasion. They know every expunged and redacted data taken off the databases, and know most of the well-kept secrets in the Foundation, such as what does happen when SCP–447-2 comes into contact with dead bodies... and exactly what Procedure 110-Montauk is.

They should, they created it.


Recovered From The Marianas Trench11:21

Recovered From The Marianas Trench

Audio from the letter.

According to a letter found in the Marianas Trench, the universe in which the SCP Foundation exists has hinted that Earth's inhabitants have been completely wiped out by Site-wide containment breaches before. However, thus far, they have all been "Class GH-0 ('Dead Greenhouse') scenario". Meaning that all humans have been killed but the planet itself is still capable of maintaining life. It was strongly hinted that the Earth has undergone this scenario at least two times now. It is explained that recreating is fairly easy, even retaining memories and such. This is also the intended purpose of SCP-2000.

Indie-Developed Games inspired by the Foundation

Recently, independently developed survival-horror games are becoming increasingly more popular. Here are some particularly inspired by the Foundation.

SCP-087 and SCP-087-B

SCP-087 is an online game inspired and modeled after SCP-087, which, essentially, has the player travel down a certain number of floors until encountering the SCP, where the player ultimately dies.

Similarly, another experimental game also spawned from it. SCP-087-B seems to be as the original, only with a new, more mischievous and sadistic entity inhabiting the staircase. The game features more monsters alongside SCP-087-B, which increases the tension. Unlike the original game, this one does not have a fixed number of floors where the player ultimately dies, and will end when the player has trapped himself in a corner with one of the monsters.

SCP - Containment Breach

"SCP - Containment Breach' is a procedurally generated game that follows a D-Class (D-9341) who witnesses (and tries to survive) a containment breach. The goal of the game is to reach Gate A/Gate B while avoiding several different SCPs, such as SCP-173, SCP-106, and SCP-096. The game is still in its beta stage and is actively getting updated by the developer with new rooms and SCPs.

Six Eight Two

Six-Eight-Two is an extremely unfinished game focusing around a Mobile Task Force soldier (or an entire squad in multiplayer) hunting down a recently escaped SCP-682.

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