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Secure. Contain. Protect.
~ The SCP Foundation's unofficial motto.

The Secure Containment Procedures Foundation, abbreviated SCP Foundation, is an organization dedicated to the apprehension and containment of anomalies, ranging from creatures to objects, locations, and events, known as "SCPs".

The organization is overall dedicated to understanding anomalous occurrences and permanently incarcerating them so that they are kept away from humanity, whether it is for the SCP's safety from society or vice versa.

The Foundation captures and contains all abnormal occurrences, whether they are threatening or not. Every SCP is experimented upon, and tests are conducted on them on a daily basis.


The SCP Foundation employs D-Class personnel made up of prison inmates, usually the ones on death row. These inmates are used for interaction with the SCPs and their containment, servants, and workers for foundation higher-ups, human testing, and occasionally are used to feed or appease SCPs.

The testing done on D-Class personnel ranges from experimenting with their exposure to dangerous SCPs to using their bodies for feeding, containment, and experimentation depending on the SCP encountered.

The Foundation also consists of hundreds of doctors, scientists, researchers, and military agents. Researchers and scientists experiment on SCPs and D-Class personnel, and the military is used to secure, combat, or capture the abnormalities.

When an SCP is set for capture, the Foundation must ensure there are no civilian witnesses to the apprehension. Military agents are required to neutralize all potential threats to the organization's secret existence, including civilian bystanders and witnesses.

The Foundation's structure varies, since the universe it's set in has no real canon, but there are corner stones that often appear. The Foundation is well known for it's compartmentalization of information and Security Clearance Levels for it's personnel. Level 0 Clearance is the lowest, while Level 5 Clearance is the highest. Th Foundation is very strict with it's need-to-know policies, and sensitive information about anomalies and procedures are often redacted for lower Security Clearance-personnel. Trying to forcefully get access to sensitive information leads often to disciplinary action by the higher ups.

The Foundation is ready to go to extreme lengths to ensure the survival of the human race, such as Procedure 110-Montauk.

Ranks & Structure


Usually the SCP-Foundation led by the O5-Council. The O-5 Council consists of usually 13 people who are often only defined as O5-1 through O5-13. The O5-council have unlimited access to all files and reports without any data expunged or redacted. The Council usually desides major decision with anomalies that have existental threats to humanity or the universe at large, but can influence anything. It is often speculated that O5's might be anomalous themselves.

Ethics Comitee

The 'Ethics Comitee also vields a lot of power inside the Foundation. Most personnel considers the Ethics Comitee as joke or myth, but in reality the leaders of this Comitee are described to have the same power as the O5's. They hide in plain site and apparently have some authority over the O5-Council. The Comitee decides what is ethically acceptable for the Foundation to do in their mission statement. Exmaple: In one canon they designed the infamous Procedure 110-Montauk. Most of this version of the Comittee comes from the story Ethics Committee Orientation.


Site-Directors are high ranking researchers that lead the different containment-sites around the world. They often have Assistant Directors of different experties that assist them inside the facilities. Site-Directors are also usually the highest ranking officials who still have a full name and not a numeric desigantion like with the O5-Council.

Mobile Task Forces

Mobile Task Forces, or MTF's, are the Foundation's most effective and skilled personnel. They can be anything from scientists and reserachers to Elite Special Forces Soldiers (The most common variant used in stories or media about the SCP-Universe). Mobile Task Forces are, as the name suggests, mobile and can operate on either Containment-Sites or in the Field. They usually deal with the most dangerous anomalies, where the more common field and recovery agents might lack knowledge or training. MTF's often also have specialities: Example: MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers") is specified in tracking anomalous electronic devices, technology and transmission, and either try to contain or block them. The most famous/infamous Mobile Task Force is MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"), who consist of the Foundations most best and loyal operatives and employess. Despite this MTF Alpha-1 is often connected to the creation of the Chaos Insurgency, a rival organisation that seeks to destroy the Foundation.


The Researchers are Doctors and Scientists that research on the anomalies. They're duties can vary from experimentation on the anomalies to developing Special Containment Procedures. Secuirty clearances and ranks also vary from simple Research Assistants to Site-Directors and everything between.

Notable SCPs

While literally thousands of SCPs have been contained by the Foundation, there are several notable ones that are popularly associated with the Foundation. It should be noted that all of these SCPs are contained by the Foundation and are not affiliated with the Foundation's personnel.

  • SCP-049: An immortal plague doctor who uses a mysterious treatment on human subjects that render them as brain-dead and hostile zombies.
  • SCP-087: An endless staircase going down that contains a humanoid figure, SCP-087-1. The constant sound of crying can be heard deep within SCP-087.
  • SCP-096: A tall, pale, humanoid that will kill anyone or anything that sees its face. It is indestructible and unstoppable when enraged.
  • SCP-106: An elderly humanoid with the ability to pass through any material and create pocket dimensions at any time.
  • SCP-173: One of the first SCPs, SCP-173 is a statue-like creature that cannot move when in direct eyesight, but can move unfathomably fast when looked away from. It will kill anything it can by breaking the neck.
  • SCP-682: An indestructible reptilian monster with a hatred for humanity and a desire for all of it to be wiped out.

Known Membership

The SCP Foundation employs thousands of people such as researchers, agents, and guards. The work these individuals perform is often morally controversial in nature (such as D-Class Personnel and Procedure 110-Montauk); however, the work is always meant to protect mankind and preserve normality.

Highest Leadership

  • The Administartor
  • O5-Council
  • Ethics Comitee

Administartors, Site Directors & Asst. Directors

  • Maria Jones
  • Shirley Gillespie
  • Dr. Ralph Roget
  • Dr. Tilda D. Moose
  • Ruslav Diaghilev
  • Edgar Holman
  • Dr. Phillip Foster
  • Dr. Shirley Gillespie
  • Dr. Jean Karlyle Aktus
  • Cyrus Hourdoon
  • Dr. Sarah O'Connell
  • Amanda Malkin
  • Wade Quincy
  • Dr. Hollister Cox
  • Angelina Mikhailova
  • Ndeye Bocoume
  • Bryan Browning
  • Matias Hernández
  • Marcel Gunther
  • Comander Mike Peterson
  • Haugen (SCP-3608)
  • Simon Oswalt, formerly (Now Karcist Karvas)

Containment Staff

  • Dr. James E. Falzon
  • Dr. Jamie Regal
  • Sophia Turner
  • Yolanda Thomas
  • Emmitt Ivers
  • Sylver Tolen
  • Dr. Kyle Jobar

Doctors & Researchers

Authors & Major Recurring Characters

  • Dr. Charles Gears
  • Dr. Jack Bright
  • Dr. Everett Mann
  • Dr. Alto Clef
  • Dr. Lakshmi Agarwal
  • Dr. Charles Anborough
  • Dr. Django Bridge
  • Dr. Jeremiah Cimmerian
  • Researcher Jacob Conwell
  • Dr. Kain "Pathos" Crow
  • Dr. Michael Edison
  • Dr. Chelsea "Photosynthetic" Elliott
  • Dr. Simon Glass
  • Dr. Frederick Heiden
  • Dr. Everett King
  • Dr. Zyn Kiryu
  • Dr. Mark Kiryu
  • Dr. Sophia Light
  • Dr. Jaime Marlowe
  • Dr. Katherine Sinclair
  • Dr. Johannes Sorts
  • Dr. Thaddeus Xyank
  • Dr. Zander Heikkila
  • Researcher David Rosen


  • Dr. Zemyla Cenh
  • Dr. Syka Brown


  • Dr. Anand Mannava
  • Dr. Venkatraman Krishnamoorthy (Deceased)

Other Doctors

  • Dr. Avery Sanchez
  • Dr. Christina Morse
  • Dr. Peter Gerthart
  • Dr. Isaac Schmidt
  • Dr. Dillan Polsun
  • Dr. Von Hacht
  • Dr. Judith Low
  • Dr. Peter Hull
  • Dr. Kate Greenaway
  • Dr. Kevin Chandler
  • Dr. Kim Antoche
  • Dr. Burgundy Lowell
  • Dr. Christopher Erwick
  • Dr. Iliza Schrader
  • Dr. Urmd Abdul
  • Dr. Wendell Adler
  • Dr. Helena Bloom
  • Dr. Sophia Fitzgerald
  • Dr. William Hoskins
  • Dr. Matthieu Desmarais
  • Dr. Elizabeth Lane
  • Dr. Felix Gärtner
  • Dr. Porter Mills
  • Dr. Taylor Itkin
  • Dr. Ricky Scott
  • Dr. Isaiah Henderson
  • Dr. Georges Luikj
  • Dr. Todd King
  • Dr. Samuel Brow
  • Dr. West Roth
  • Dr. Darryl Loyd (Deceased)
  • Dr. Jay Macarthur (Deceased)
  • Dr. Baker (SCP-527)
  • Dr. Johnston (SCP-058)
  • Dr. Lambert (SCP-743)
  • Dr. Mitchell (SCP-3822)
  • Dr. Sanderson (SCP-3608)
  • Dr. Vogel (SCP-3608)

Other Researchers

  • Researcher Kendall Loren
  • Researcher Oliver Gordon
  • Researcher Eleanor Joseph
  • Researcher Jennifer Dresden
  • Researcher Steven Mason
  • Researcher Dave Campbell
  • Researcher Em Choi
  • Researcher Madeleine Sailer
  • Researcher Susan Burke
  • Researcher Milton Inselmann


  • Carlos Gonzales
  • Theodore Anderson
  • Carl T. Michelson
  • Kayla R. Rodriguez
  • Mickey Jacobs (Deceased)

Field Agents

  • Max Lomabardi
  • Agent "Green"
  • Troy Lament
  • Sasha Merlo
  • Agent Navarro
  • Dmitri Arkadeyevich "Waxx" Strelnikov
  • Aaron Ruberson
  • Sean Bat
  • Monica Storch
  • Lily Rondeau
  • Hobert Brennan
  • Cyril Novak
  • Diana Fischer
  • Melissa King
  • Louis Franklin
  • Elliot McNamara
  • Phil Kowalski
  • Agent Gallagher (SCP-953, Deceased)

Exploratory Mission 1689-I

  • Cameron Wells - Commanding Officer
  • Fredrick Meryle
  • Carlen Ozols
  • Xander Peterson

Discovery and recovery of SCP-3934-1

  • Cyrus Fielding - Commanding Officer
  • Tobias Rourke
  • Alistair Burton
  • Sean O'Doherty

Exploratory Mission 354 Alpha

  • Agent Swanson (Deceased)
  • Agent Turquoise (Deceased)
  • Agent 86 (Deceased)

Mobile Task Forces

  • William Lonegan
  • William Johnson
  • Carter Walsh

Mobile Task Force Psi-7

  • Calvin Ekblad - Commanding Officer
  • Scott Harpur
  • Nicholas Bjugstad
  • Marjorie Holt
  • Leon Ledford
  • Connor Bathory
  • Vivian Morodecci
  • Alejandra Cavallero
  • Chuck Jefferson
  • Rolf Vogel
  • Michael Niedringhaus
  • Hanna Dam
  • Dr. Giles Mathys
  • Samuel Walker
  • Michael Castellano
  • Amelie Zelinka
  • Liz Boyd
  • Joseph Lanning
  • Fiere Mekonap
  • Tony Atkinson
  • Dr. Blaire Roth

MTF Epsilon-6

  • Myron Goldstein
  • Adam Grayson
  • Emma Lightbody
  • Frank Giuseppe
  • Reese Maynard
  • Harold Mason

MTF Alpha-5

  • Lauder - Commanding Officer
  • Yukon
  • Imski
  • Powers (Deceased)

D-Class Personnel (Only named ones)

  • Chris Simmons
  • Leroy Tucker
  • Jonas Murkowski

SCP - Containment Breach

The Foundation is the driving force behind the video game SCP - Containment Breach, based on the SCP mythos. Located in one of the site buildings/prisons, the player plays a member of the D-Class personnel trying to escape when a containment breach releases dozens of hostile SCPs.





  • The SCP Foundation currently has four known "series" of SCPs: Series I contains SCP-001 through SCP-999, Series II contains SCP-1000 through SCP-1999, Series III contains SCP-2000 through SCP-2999, and Series IV contains SCP-3000 through SCP-3999.
  • The SCP Foundation's main enemies outside of the SCPs include the Chaos Insurgency, Serpent's Hand, and Church of the Broken God.
  • The SCP Foundation and the entire SCP mythos placed #14 on Tat's TopVideos' 2011 Top 22 Non-Gaming Creepypastas list and #18 on the 2014 Top 22 Non-Gaming Creepypastas list. Tat's TopVideos has since released many SCP related countdowns, all featured in the videos section of the gallery above. Tat's TopVideos is credited with helping to bring the SCP mythos to the popularity it has now.

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