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SCP-1790 and its three most recent prior instances, clockwise from top left.

I have lived a thousand years and will return and kill again and again until I kill my Majnun, and he rises anew from the slaughter.
~ SCP-1790

SCP-1790 (aka Reincarnating Cultist & Layla) is a Keter level SCP imprisoned in the Foundations, and it is considered as one of the most dangerous SCPs ever in SCP foundation's containment. It takes form as a lead cultist and can revive itself after its destruction.


This being can return to life whenever it dies by possessing a human infant. Seemingly human, it uses each lifespan to found a powerful cult and eventually institutes ritualized mass murder and Human Sacrifice. When it is not stopped, SCP-1790 will direct its followers on large-scale mass murder campaigns against the general population before abandoning the cult and moving on to start a new one.

Implied to be Layla from the Arabic tale of Layla and Majnun, SCP-1790's only purpose in life is to create as much bloodshed as possible, so that its mad love "rises anew from the slaughter".


SCP-1790 was first identified in 1868, when the ringleader of a group of Thuggee cultists operating in the area of Rajmahal, India, was apprehended by British authorities and sentenced to death. Prior to execution, the cult leader claimed to be the reincarnation of a Thuggee leader who had been executed during the first wave of British anti-Thuggee activities in 1832. His comments were dismissed at the time.

In 1893, 22 years after British authorities in India had declared the Thuggee movement extinct, a new Thuggee cell was found to be operating near Delhi, and its leader similarly claimed to be the reincarnation of the last two Thugge leaders. He was transported to Great Britain and placed in custody there until his death of natural causes in 1899.

In 1916, a string of murders in London with a methodology similar to that used by the Thuggee was traced to an Irish-born woman, who told police something related the Persian folklore of the Arabic tale of Layla and Majnun. After the connection was discovered between this woman and the previous subjects, she was surrendered into Foundation custody.

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