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Full Name
Shy Guy
SCP Foundation
Monster, Captive
Powers / Skills
Incredible strength and speed
Kill all who see its face
Type of Villain

SCP-096, aka the "Shy Guy", is an Euclid-class humanoid creature measuring approximately 2.38 meters in height with very little muscle mass. However, when someone looks at its face, even in the slightest, SCP-096 enters a rage and will pursue its witness until it destroys them.


SCP-096 is normally docile, mostly sitting in place sobbing bitterly. When somebody looks at its face, though, it will enter a state of despair for 1-2 minutes before running towards the person who saw it. This even includes if said glimpse was from a video or picture (although artist's impressions don't have this effect). Regardless of how far away its target, designated as SCP-096-01 in reports, is from the creature, SCP-096 will run towards it and never stop until it catches the unfortunate victim. Despite its lack of muscle mass, it is capable of smashing through even tough materials as if they weren't even there at all. It barely flinches when coming under gunfire, as not even firing 600 .50 caliber bullets from a GAU-19 can slow it down (although it can make it tumble). When it inevitably catches SCP-096-01, it will [DATA EXPUNGED] them (hinted to be eating them), in order to leave zero solid traces of them. When it has killed SCP-096-01, SCP-096 will return to its sobbing state.

During one particular incident, designated as Incident 096-1-A, SCP-096 was set off when its face was viewed in a photograph taken by a mountaineer several years prior. Its face was barely four pixels wide in the image, yet the trigger effect still took place. During the Incident, it ravaged across several roads and murdered multiple people, including a family with an infant, for glancing at its face during the pursuit. Despite the Foundation's efforts, their guns only managed to make SCP-096 tumble and several people were murdered as it roamed. While it killed SCP-096-01, the Foundation was able to prevent more deaths by blindfolding and directing the populace away from SCP-096 (although their panic did not help matters). It was also discovered that Incident 096-1-A was deliberately set up by a researcher intending to test a image-scrambling device for handling 096 and prompting its termination. While the image-scrambling devices failed, the Incident nevertheless prompted the Foundation to put SCP-096 on termination notice, akin to SCP–682.

On the subject of 682, 096 was brought forth was one of the attempts to terminate the creature. Something horrific occurred wherein 682, likely using its adaptive abilities, prompted a massive fight with 096, but ultimately won, leaving 096 a sobbing wreck.

Containment Breach

SCP-096 appears as one of the many monsters and obstacles in SCP Containment Breach. The creature first appears in a server control room where it murders a guard for accidentally looking at its face. The player must sneak around and avoid looking at its face in order to reset the power to escape the room. This is made all the trickier as SCP-096 wanders about the room, although the blood splatter on the window from its murder of the guard do provide the player with a brief cover from seeing SCP-096's face. The creature can also spawn in a lock-room, but is relatively easy to avoid as long as the player walks around its back.

When its face is viewed by the player, SCP-096 enters an enraged and panicky state and will remain in it for a few seconds, giving the player something of a head start. However, once SCP-096 begins its pursuit of the player, it will not stop and cannot be stopped by any means. (Although Tesla gates fail to stop SCP-096, they do stun it if it gets shocked.) It is possible for the player to escape SCP-096 and win the game, but in most cases, 096 will inevitably catch and kill the player. When it does so, 096 devours their body, hinting that may be what it does to its targets to ensure it never looks at it again.


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