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SCP–953 is one of the SCP Foundation's

SCP-953 in one of its humanoid guises.

Keter–class monsters. She is, like most Keters, a completely hostile being that brutally kills all humans it encounters. SCP–953 is held in captivity in one of the Foundation's many secret research sites, where her holding cell resembles a bedroom and she is taken care of quite nicely as far as SCPs go. She is even sometimes given luxury items for "good behavior". This shows that 953 is quite intelligent and sentient, and thus knows full well what she is doing when she kills people, which she prefers to do by tearing out the victim's liver (liver is also what 953 is given to eat daily). She is known to sometimes deliberately torture her victims while they are still alive. She is afraid of canines, so the hallway leading to her location is lined with open dog kennels so that she doesn't try to escape. Despite this, she has escaped and been recovered six times (see below). No direct contact is to be made with SCP–953, and all indirect contact must be overseen by at least six armed men.

What exactly is SCP–953, you may ask? She is a anthropomorphic female nine–tailed red fox who can also shape shift into any form she pleases, though her preferred form apart from her true one is that of an attractive Korean female. However, she retains certain vulpine features in all her alternate forms, which allows her to be identified when in disguise. It is important that she be referred to as a "Kumiho" and not a "Kitsune", for calling her the latter violently agitates her. SCP–953 also has telepathic and mind–altering psychic powers which she uses to attempt to lure victims into a false sense of security by lying about her nature and also to make them commit horrible acts themselves.

SCP–953 first appeared in Korea shortly after World War II, and, as mentioned above, has escaped from Foundation captivity six times. Her activities while on the loose have included convincing a mother to cook and eat her own child, performing necrophilic acts on the dead body of a Foundation Agent's fiancé, and most recently, murdering 27 furries at a convention sometime in the 2000's (the year is censored). She masqueraded as a furry herself and brutally slaughtered over two dozen convention attendees and staff members whose mutilated bodies were found throughout the hotel where the convention was held. Survivors of the incident had their memories wiped by the Foundation before being released, and SCP–953 herself was found in a listless, docile state by personnel, and did not resist recapture.

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