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Heart of Darkness' Wise Words of Insanity
The sensual violence of lust is all the assurance you will ever need to know the worth of life.
~ SCP–058

SCP–058, aka Heart of Darkness, is a Keter-class (extremely dangerous) creature being held at the SCP Foundation. It is a living heart with arthropod-like legs used for movement and has tentacles that are adjustable and can be extended with lethally sharp thorns. It also has a "stinger" in the rear of its body which can dispense an acid-like fluid.

SCP–058 is very fast and agile, capable of rapid movement covering to 55 miles per hour in short bursts. SCP–058 can whip itself around using it's tentacles to pull itself from one surface to another and it can also climb horizontally and vertically with relative ease. SCP–058 also speaks via unknown means. It is very talkative and has the accent of an elderly British male with a slightly deep tone. It's speech does not correlate with it's surrounding or events, and it's pace will remain absolutely unchanged even under noisy circumstances (refer to the video for an example of this).

SCP-058 - Transcript of Interview 058-0401:25

SCP-058 - Transcript of Interview 058-04

An "interview" with SCP-058.

There is no statements on the size SCP–058, leading many to believe it is as small as a bovine heart, or as large as a horse. Nonetheless, SCP–058's destructive capabilities are immense, as it was once able to destroy an entire containment area. SCP–058 has breached containment on multiple occasions, and the first time it escaped, it had to be subdued by being ran over by a M1 Abrams Tank, followed by an explosion of the tank filled with C4. Currently, SCP–058 is responsible for 149 deaths of D-class personnel and 14 Agents at the Site it is located at (totaling in at 163 fatalities).

Containment Procedures

SCP–058 is to be contained within a 5 by 5 by 5 meter heat-resistant steel room, backed up with more concrete. Audio of SCP–058 must be recorded at all times, and no personnel is to listen to its ramblings for more than 30 minutes. A nuclear head is to be readied should SCP–058 ever breach containment.

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