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Sons of Anarchy -2

Sons of Anarchy MC, Redwood Original or as it is better know, SAMCRO (Often spelled Sam Crow), is the original chapter of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. It was founded in 1967 by John Teller, Piney Winston, and other members of the First 9. Its current president is Jax Teller, son of first president John Teller. Chibs Telford is the Vice President of the club.

Roster (as of series finale)

  • Phillip "Chibs" Telford - President / Former Vice President / Former Sergeant at Arms
  • Tig Trager - Vice President / Former Sergeant at Arms
  • Happy - Sergeant at Arms / Former member of the Tacoma charter and Nomad charter
  • Rane Quinn - Former member of the Indian Hills and  President of the Nomad charter
  • Allesandro Montez - Former member of the Reno Charter
  • Orlin West - Former member of the Reno Charter
  • Ratboy Skogstrom - Received full patch in 2013
  • T.O. Cross - Patched over from the Grim Bastards MC in 2014

Former (as seen during series

  • Opie Winston - Killed in 2012
  • Piney Winston - Co-founder, former Vice President; killed by Clay in 2011
  • Kyle Hobart- excommunicated in 2003, betrayed Opie and the Club
  • Eric Miles - murdered by Juice in 2011
  • Filthy Phil Russel- killed by IRA in 2012
  • Half-Sack Epps - posthumously given patch in 2009
  • Herman Kozik- killed by Cartel in 2011
  • Clay Morrow Former President / Former Vice President; excommunicated in 2011, killed by Jax in 2013
  • Jackson "Jax" Teller - Former President / Former Vice President; Killed himself in 2014
  • Bobby "Elvis" Munson - Secretary / Treasurer / Former Vice Presidentl Killed by August Marks in 2014
  • Juan Carlos "Juice" Ortiz - Excommunicated in 2014; killed by Aryan Brotherhood as set up by Jax, soon after
  • Orlin West - Former member of the Reno Charter, killed by Lin Triad in 2014

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