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As TimeRed

Captain Ryūya Asami is one of main antagonists of Mirai Sentai Timeranger. He is the commanding officer of the Time Protection Department in the year 3000. A descendant of Tatsuya Asami, he was the first TimeRed of the future, and was also the original TimeFire before changing history.

He was portrayed by Masaru Nagai (who also played Tatsuya Asami).


Later in the series, he travels to the year 2000 to take over the role of TimeRed, but returns the changer to Tatsuya soon after. Showing no care for the past, Ryūya insists that Yuri and the others return to the future, as the Lambda 2000 was going to cause the Earth in the past to cease to exist. However, once they return, he attempts to wipe their memories of the 2000-2001, telling the Timerangers how their actions in the past have changed their futures for the better, but is met with resistance.

Fatally wounded in the resulting struggle with Ayase, Ryūya reveals that, not only was he the true mastermind behind Don Dolnero's escape into the past, everything leading to the Timerangers being formed and Gien's insanity reaching its peak were also planned to ensure that the "better" of the two futures he saw would occur. He also reveals that the Timerangers were supposed to die in the first giant battle, and the aid he sent saved their lives many times over.

Ryūya, the original pilot of the V-Rex, saw two futures six years ago: One where Gien's battle with the V-Rex destroys a third of the 21st Century, and one in which Gien's death by the G-Zordled to the total annihilation of the 31st Century. In both futures, however, Ryūya, as TimeFire, died. To prevent his demise, Ryūya set up the V-Rex's disappearance to insure that someone from the past would become TimeFire in his place. Unfortunately, his actions only served to change the way he died. Before he died, Ryūya questions if he should be blamed for what he did since he was doing what the Timerangers were already doing, which was to create a better future.

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