Ryuuji Sugashita
Ryuuji Sugashita is one of the main antagonists of DNA² alongside the hidden antagonist.


Ryuuji Sugashita is Tomoko Saeki's ex-boyfriend. When Mega-Playboy Junta starts to seduce her, he wants to get revenge and hired thugs in order to kill Junta but the thugs get defeated by Mega-Playboy Junta and eventually he is accidentally shot by one of Karin Aoi's DCM bullets and he gets a very powerful gift which allows him to coppy the faces of others and he uses it to frame Junta and to attempt to molest Ami to get back at Junta, and ultimately uses in an attempt to make him equal to the strength of the Mega-Playboy and eventually Ryuji gather's the school's females in order to publicly humiliate Junta in battle to win Tomoko's affection. Junta gains an early advantage, until Ryuji awakens his psychic abilities. Overwhelmed, Junta's Mega Playboy persona takes over and achieves victory and after his defeat Ryuji gains a change of heart and expresses regret in his actions before being taken to the hospital.