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Ryuji Hirasaka

Ryuji Hirasaka is the main villain protagonist from a Hentai known as Night Shift Nurses, Night shift nurses is notorious for being one of if not the most graphic hentai ever released in the world which has explicit depiction of Rape, Sadomasochism, and Paraphilia, several unruly scenes are banned from the U.S, It is so not for children.

Ryuji Hirasaka is an unemployed, middle-aged Japanese gynaecologist, single, independent, and living on his own. One evening, he receives an email from the fictional St. Juliana Hospital, a local institution, offering him a temporary job opportunity. He contently accepts, scheduling to meet with the president the following day.

That afternoon, semi-formal and with a portfolio, Ryuji commutes to the hospital. After an acquaintance with Ren Nanase, a nurse who escorts him to the president, he is frightened to discover his potential employer is a woman he had brutally raped in the past, Narumi Jinguji. In spite of the excruciating atmosphere, however, Narumi explains her wish to develop a department in the hospital that caters to the sexual interests of patients; in need of his expertise to oversee the operation. Overwhelmed with lewd excitement, Ryuji agrees.

He is also a vicious sex offender who controls and intimidate, often cold reading those under him to learn about their vulnerabilities and how to exploit them. He was stabbed to death in the end of episode 5 by Ren Nanase.