Ryuji is the 7th ranked assassin in the video game; No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. He is a silent fighter and rides a motorcycle. His weapon is somewhat similar to Travis' weapon. He also has the power to summon an energy dragon similar to Dark Star's ability from the original game.

Boss BattleEdit

Ryuji's face

Ryuji's Face

Before match begins they fight with their motorcycles to see who can push them off the cliff first. After Travis pushes Ryuji off the cliff, Ryuji gets back up and both of them started the real fight. Both of them were equally matched but Travis won the fight. Travis decides to spare Ryuji's life because he "fought honorably", but Silvia empties a submachine gun onto Ryuji in cold blood. She explained to Travis that Ranked Assassins must die when they lose. She also told Travis that if Ryuji was still alive, he would come back even stronger and kill Travis.


  • Ryuji resembles the Dragon while Travis resembles the Tiger, both of which are supposed to be natural enemies as Yin and Yang.
  • Despite being mute in the cutscenes, he says only a few words in the game.