~ Ryouko after hearing the trip to the hot sprigs been canceled.

Ryouko Kusakabe is the first antagonist in Date A Live franchise and is one of main antagonists in Date A Live Season 1. She is the captain of the Japan Ground Self Defense Force and the Anti Spirit Team, who leads the young girls of the AST while being 27 herself in Tenguu City.

She was also the first antagonist of the anime and later becomes a minor antagonist after Deus.Ex.Machina Industries appears in Date A Live II.  She is responsible for causing a great hatred among the first Spirits on the franchise. She eventually joined Ratatoskr and aided help them in fighting DEM due to a difference in ideologies.

She was voiced by Ao Takahashi in the Japanese dubbed version, and by Caitlin Glass in the English dubbed version.


Her first appearance was in the first episode, soon after the appearance of Tohka, she commanded a squadron of AST, which aimed to kill tohka, she has tirelessly pursued the Spirit about to make Tohka feel hated and sad inside, although appear to be one of the true heroines in history. She is considered a minor villain for trying to kill Shidou, but in fact it was Origami that almost killed him, but as she is captain she has to take responsibility for the actions of her subordinates, and that is what she most hates, she has to take responsibility for a spoiled, annoying and immature teenage gang who are thinking about own beauty, and Ryouko hate it, and she treat with contempt mentally. She thinks these brats are trying to reacquaint herself with the beauty of youth that adult has not.

Powers & Abilities

Cr-Unit Mordred

  •  Blastalk

A pair of 50.5 cm magic cannons.

  • RootBox

A set of containment units that can store a large amount of weaponry.

  • Combat Wiring Suit

The standard combat wiring suit of the AST is usually worn around the AST base and underneath the CR-Unit when a user is in combat. The combat wiring suit is only used for an emergency or in combat, without a CR-unit, as it contains a basic Realizer unit on it.

  • C C C (Cry Cry Cry)

The C C C or cry Cry Cry is a large, Anti-Spirit Rifle.

When used against a human, this rifle was shown to have enough power to blast a large hole through that person's torso. Against a spirit, however, it can't pierce through their Astral Dresses.

  • No Pain

An Anti-Spirit laser blade.

When deactivated, it merely consists of a handle and guard.  It is normally stored inside of the combat wiring suit when not in use. When the user reaches for the sword, the combat wiring suit will move the handle into a position where it can be drawn greater ease. When active, a blade made of glowing blue energy (roughly a meter in length) is emitted from the handle.

  • Murakumo

A Twin Blade Mode of a laser blade.

  • Auldist

An Anti-Spirit Gatling gun.




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