Ryosai Full

Ryosai is a character in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. He is a member of the Kou Empire and a former temporary General, after he set a revolt on Hakuei. Ryosai used to work under Hakuei Ren.


Unlike Hakuei Ren who wants peace, Ryosai only desires to rule by force. When he first met the Kouga clan he only wanted them to submit to his clan's rules and policies without force. In fact, he berated Toya for her friendliness and talked down to her and her clan saying how they are trash. And unlike Hakuei, Ryosai enjoys war and even tried to start one between the Kouga clan and Ren so that when Ren died he could take over her position as the ruler. He never really looked up Hakuei as a powerful leader instead he saw her as an obstacle when it came to having a seat as the ruler in the Kou Empire. He loathes her so much that he lied about wanting to kill her brother, Hakuryuu Ren, so that can distract her in battle to allow him to kill her. He also saw the women of the Kouga clan as mere tools to create more slaves and as a mechanism to getting money. This is why he commissioned his men to kidnap them in the first place. Ryosai only cared about getting power any means necessary even if it means betraying his leader and destroying lives.