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Ryoko Sakurai is a character from the manga Great Teahcer Onizuka who is  chairperson  of Holy Forest Academy who employs Eikichi Onizuka at Holy Forest Academy, figuring he can solve the problems with the schools most troublesome class. While she does work at the cafeteria to be more in touch with the students, however her concern for them is far from genuine because she is very tolerant of Onizuka's methods which are often dangerous and put other people in danger, yet Ms. Sakurai seems strangely unconcerned about this.

Sakurai does plenty to cover for Onizuka and is not really bothered at all, by how he does things thus she is completely unconcerned about the students lives or other people's lives for that matter. Closest thing she came to being angered by Onizuka was an incident with her grandson (an improbable never come student used too many times in the manga).

Ryoko Sakurai is a villain because she shows no real care for the schools students or how dangerous or extreme Onizuka's methods are (closest thing she did was after a kidnap of Miyabi Aizawa even then she seemed more concerned about how the incident was reported and had a lot of witnesses including cops!).

Also she didn't seem all that concerned about Misuzu Daimon who took over the academy and did not bring in the Education Board to have Ms. Daimon investigated despite blatantly illegal things done by Ms Daimon including:

  1. Demoting Onizuka to assistant teacher without presenting proper legal grounds and not to mention violating contract, by evicting him because the contract would still have been valid no matter who would be principal. Even if Ms Sakurai were to step down, Ms Daimon and the board of directors would have had to go through proper legal channels.
  2. The Points System: Blatantly illegal and violates labor laws while a school for instance a points system  is used to govern bonuses it is highly illegal to tie points to general pay.
  3. Cell Phones: Handing out the cell phones is a major violation of gift rules in the education system and is a fireable offence at best. Not to mention the cell phones were tapped.

These three offences or one of them alone would have made Ms Sakurai well within her rights to contact the Tokyo Education Board and have Ms Daimon investigated (and she would have faced penalties for any of these offences) as well as get the directors who put Daimon there under investigation as well. Also no matter what Ms Sakurai never seems genuinely concerned with any kind of harm that Onizuka or Ms Daimon do to the students and the school.


Ryoko Sakurai is a hypocrite pure and simple as she talks of what's best for students and the school but never takes any real action to correct Onizuka's behavior, no matter the harm he could cause with his teaching methods and general out of control behavior.

In fact Sakurai shows a lot of double standard in the manga such as likely helping to get Ms Daimon off the hook despite the harm she caused. Also she talks of redemption yet Onizuka shows no real signs of it with his behavior and wantonly putting people in danger, ignoring the fact someone could be hurt or even killed.


Ryoko Sakurai's anime depcition is much more genuinely sympathetic as is her care for the students but also her tendency to cover up for Onizuka is much more understanable.

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