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Long Time No See, Mister Journalist
~ Ryoba Aishi

Ryoba Aishi is an antagonist in the history of the Yandere Simulator, and technically the driving force behind its events.

She is the mother of Ayano Aishi. She, like her daughter, is a Yandere. She lived her life emotionless before meeting Yandere-Chan's soon-to-be-father (her Senpai). She murdered a girl, that was interested in her Senpai, causing her spirit to haunt the school. She continued murdering her female classmates to keep them away from her crush. If she couldn't do that, she would get them expelled from school. A man named "The Journalist" discovered her involvement, tied her to the crimes, and had her charged with the crimes. However, she manipulated the country into declaring her innocent. She warned the journalist to never mess with her again or else she would fake his death as a suicide. After that, kidnapped her Senpai, and forced him to marry her. They then gave birth to Yandere-Chan. Years later, she caught The Journalist following her, lured him into an alley, and tried to kill him. He escaped, and fled to America. She then forced her husband to go with her to track him down, and she left Yandere-Chan alone, starting the events of the game.


Just like her daughter, Ryoba is a yandere and murderer. She has no emotion, even when she was a baby. Being a yandere, she is clingy and paranoid, needing to kidnap her senpai even after getting rid of her rivals. She takes her actions very serious, as seen by how she dealt with the Phantom Girl. This was just out of obsession for the father of Ayano. Ryoba also highly of manipulative, she able to make herself Innocent from all her crime, and make The Journalist reputation become bad with Ryoba used the court case to simultaneously become a media darling and irreparably ruin the Journalist's reputation, and after she was acquitted of all charges she cornered the Journalist and warned him to never cross her again, as it would be too easy to make his death seem like a suicide.

After get married with her Senpai and having Ayano, she never gave up her Yandere habits. This is proved that when she stalk a young woman who flirted her husband,Ryoba killing her. Toward her new family, she is a gentle and lovely mother and wife. Even Ayano seem indifferent with her parent, she never have any negative relationship with them. Toward her neighbors, She is a cheerful and friendly woman who seems to get along very well with everyone in her neighborhood, although nobody seems to know very much about her, not even her next-door neighbors. She is very private woman and never talk about herself. But she willing to talk for hours about her husband and how much she adore him


  • She will be playable in a mode coming up called '80s Mode.'
  • She share same voice actor with her daughter.
  • The Japanese word for "matron" is "ryōbo (寮母)". The name was changed to Ryoba so it would sound more feminine. When translated, "ryōba (両刃)" is a type of Japanese saw which means "double blade" in English.

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