Ryan Smulson was the main antagonist of the Grimm episode "The Hour of Deah". He was introduced as a seemingly wide-eyed fan of Nick Burkhart, who claimed he wanted to become a detective. However, he was revealed to be really be a delusional psychopath who wanted to be a Grimm, and began emulating Endzeichen Grimms (savage Grimms who murder all Wesen.)


Ryan was first introduced to Nick by Sgt. Wu as the new intern. He appeared guileless and harmless. He stayed as their intern for several episodes. However he finally began to act when another Wesen, a Schakal, kidnapped a teenage girl. Ryan, under the persona of an Endzeichen Grimm, drugged, kidnapped and then tortured the Schakal, until he revealed what he had done with the girl. After that, Ryan tortured him to death. He then called Nick and criticized him for not doing the same.

The Police tracked down the Schakal's partner, and kept him in holding. However, Ryan let him out, then did the same to him, before leaving his dead body in his house. He then called Nick and told him he was a failure as a Grimm. Upon examining the security footage, they later realized it was Ryan who was responsible. By this time Ryan had gone of the rails, and had kidnapped Nick's friend Bud, a completely harmless wesen.

Upon searching his home, Nick discovered Ryan was obsessed with him, having cut every picture of Nick out of the paper and collaged them. Putting this with the fact he had been forced to drug the wesen to apprehend them, led Nick to suspect the truth. He and Hank managed to track Ryan down just in time, before he began torturing Bud. Ryan ran, while Nick did chase, in the stress Ryan lost concentration, and revealed he was actually a Lebensauger (a hideous lampey-like creature,) excepting the truth. Ryan begged Nick to kill him, as he was disgusted with his existence as a Lebensauger, but Nick simply knocked him down and arrested him for kidnapping, torture and murder.