220px-Ryan Edwards
Listen up rock stars. If you talk to those girls again, you're dead. If you even look at those girl's you're dead. If you even think about those girls...Are you thinking about them? (Alvin: Well I am now.) That's it. You're dead
~ Ryan threatening the Chipmunks

Ryan Edwards is the secondary antagonist of the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. He is portrayed by Kevin Schmidt.

He's a high school student and athlete he's the best friend of Xander. When he was telling his story to have the attention of the girls he meet the Chipmunks. He is not happy to lose his fans so he and his friends wanted to make Alvin and his brothers lives miserable. Ryan calls Alvin a "Furball", gives Simon a swirly and subsequently drops him in the toilet. He even pokes fun at Theodore's girth, which makes Alvin and SImon furiously attack him. Ryan is sent to the principal's office for this.

Later he convinces Alvin to join their team just to get him away from his brothers and the talent show. At the end of the movie he goes on the stage and dance and at the end of the credit he's cleaning the gym with his friends, much to their discomfort for his bullying.