Ryō Asama in anime (OVA)

Ryō Asama (浅間 亮 Asama Ryō) is an antogonist in the manga and anime series The World God Only Knows and is Nora's best friend. He is also considered to be an annoyance to her, who would often beat him up. He often reads small notes during capture operations.


Ryō has blonde hair and brown eyes. He wears a school uniform of the private school he attends. He always carries a rose, sometimes holding his notes.


A good-looking young man from a different private high school, Ryō claims to be a Casanova-type of man that can charm any girl. In reality, he is an idiot who, unable to remember his lines, is forced to rely on small sheets of notes during capture operations. He is terrible in writing kanji, where he often mis-writes them (on one occasion, even his name.) It seems he does not have any special qualities other than the ones mentioned. Because of these faults, Nora sees Ryō as useless (has proved to be slightly useful at times) and will beat him whenever he fails her or annoys her. Ryō also seems to like potato-chips and eats them all the time.

Character History

Childhood Friend Arc

Ryō was first introduced trying to convince Tenri that she is being possessed by a spirit. He tries to use many different tactics (hand written by Nora in the from of notes.) Yet, he fails. Much later, it is revealed that Ryō only follows Nora because of her large breasts. When Nora managed to "capture" the escaped spirit, Ryō comments on its small size.