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Ruth Patchett is the titular main antagonist of MGM/Orion's She Devil.  When her husband Bob divorces her for Mary Fisher, Ruth plans revenge to destroy his four assets: home, family, career and freedom.


Ruth blows up the whole house with faulty appliances.


Ruth, under the guise of Vesta Rose, enrolls in the Golden Twilight retirement community and arranges Mary's mother to meet with her daughter, and later fakes an accidental leakage on her bed, causing such an uproar, that she got fired, and Mary's mother got suspended.


Ruth founds her new employment agency "Vesta Rose" and hires Olivia Honey to "give Mary Fisher a dose of her own medicine," by making off with Bob.


Ruth gets Bob arrested and arranges Judge Brown to make the case.  When her husband is taken away, she narrates, "Poor Bob.  I almost felt sorry for him.  Almost."

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