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Ruth Meyers

Ruth Meyers is one of the antagonist villain in Where The Heart is and the former music agent of Willy Jack Pickens. She was played by Joan Cusack who play Debbie Jellinsky.

Her Story

When Willy Jack released from prison and making it to Las Vegas, Willy Jack becomes a one-hit-wonder with his song and teams with a music agent name Ruth Meyers who gives him the "Billy Shadow" name.

Three years later, in Las Vegas, Willy Jack attempts to branch out his career and starts speaking with a well-known agent named Johnny DeSoto. At the same time, Novalee who is also in Las Vegas, enters her photo in a contest and wins.

Later Ruth Meyers informs Willy Jack in his hotel room that his old cellmate Tommy Reynolds is suing him for the credit of the song he's recorded. Then, Willy Jack stated that he wrote the song and asks Ruth what to do.

Then, Ruth tells Willy Jack that he should ask Johnny DeSoto to help him (having somehow found out about his talk with him) and terminates her connections with Willy Jack. She wasn't seen again.

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