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Looking forward to the storm. Keeps everyone inside, washes everything clean.
~ Rusty Nail's catchphrase.

Rusty Nail is an unknown trucker and the main villain of the horror film Joy Ride and it's two sequels.

He is voiced by Ted Levine and played by Matthew Kimbrough in Joy Ride, he is played by Mark Gibbon in Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead and played by Ken Kerzinger in Joy Ride 3.

Not much is known about Rusty Nail. But what is known about him is that all who cross his path are completely at his mercy.

He punishes those who he sees as injustice, whether it is pulling a prank on him, taking one of his cars, or refusing a request. He has some quite nasty psychological mind games that create a bridge for gory, life-and-death situations.

His face is hardly ever shown, but he would normally talk to his soon-to-be victims through the CB radio.