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Russian Blue

Russian Blue

Russian Blue
is a female blue cat seen in SPY Fox in Dry Cereal, and the self-described "attractive owner of the S.S. Deadweight." She is a major antagonist, being "obviously in cahoots with William the Kid," as described by Monkey Penny. She makes a cameo appearance in Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell.

Russian Blue appears in both the Car Chase Path and the White Water Path in SPY Fox in Dry Cereal, but only has significance in the former.

In the Car Chase Path, she is obsessed with the tango, being the only music to which she will dance. When Monkey Penny reveals Blue's association with Kid, SPY Fox is given Walter Wireless and is assigned to slip him into Blue's purse. To do this, Fox must obtain a sheet of tango music from Johnny Gecko and discreetly slip it onto the conductor's stand aboard the S.S. Deadweight. Upon hearing the music, Blue begins to dance with Fox, allowing him to place Wireless into her purse.