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Russell is a "villain" in the reality show Survivor.  He was placed on the yellow Foa Foa tribe. In the first challenge, he was chosen for the leg of the race that required strength by tribal leader Mick. Foa Foa won the reward challenge. From the beginning, he already demonstrated his preference to play through lies and deceit, making conflicting alliances with every tribemate (mostly females) coming into contact. He even created lies about his personal life, claiming that he was a Hurricane Katrina victim.

Still not contented, he became fond of wreaking psychological havoc whenever possible, even sabotaging his own tribe, as seen In Foa Foa's first night, where Hantz dumped all water containers and burned socks. This plan took its toll on Foa Foa, whose subsequent failure in eight out of ten tribal challenges and made them sacrifice six of their ten members.Marisa Calihan,Betsy Bolan and Ashley Trainer were systematically eliminated after they had caught Russell's dirty tactics. After Galu lost Russell Swan before a supposed double-boot twist in Day 15 because of a severe medical condition (which Hantz claimed was a sort-of victory for Foa Foa, for the rival tribe still lost a member), another loss sent Foa Foa back to Tribal Council, where Liz Kim was voted out when Russell H. felt she does not need her anymore. This prompted an early merger, with still twelve people remaining. The rival tribe Galu severely outnumbered Foa Foa, with an 8-4 supermajority.

His craftiness scaled newer heights when he made an unthinkable Survivor first, finding several Hidden Immunity Idols without using the provided clues. With these Idols at his disposal, he became merely invincible at Tribal Council.

When the tribes merged, Hantz gradually rallied the Foa Foa foursome (consisting of Jaison Robinson, Natalie White and tribe leader Mick Trimming) to victory when they concocted a "divide and conquer" scheme, attempting to make the former Galus turn on each other. This was proved effective when White turned the Galu women on cocky Erik Cardona, who was blindsided at their first Tribal Council as Aiga (unknown to everyone, they effectively flushed Erik's own Hidden Immunity Idol). Hantz on the other hand, used his Idol, though no votes were cast against him. Hantz again surprised everyone when he revealed another Idol the following Tribal Council. This time, however, the effects devastated the former Galus, because it was revealed that they had voted for him. With all seven of Russell's votes spoilt, only the former Foa Foa's votes were counted, with all leading to an unsuspecting Kelly Sharbaugh, sending her to the Jury in a 4-0 vote.

After two consecutive ex-Galu blindsides, Russell convinced Shambo Waters shift allegiances to the former Foa Foas, for she felt unhappy with her own tribe. This caused the remaining Galus (including Waters herself) were subsequently eliminated, starting from Shambo's archrival, Laura Morett. When they thought that their victory was imminent, the Foa Foa four's aspirations of being the final four were thwarted, when the last remaining Galu member Brett Clouser went on to win a crucial Immunity Challenge, making the once strong alliance of four eliminate one of their own, a task they had not done in eighteen days. Clouser's win made Russell's closest ally Natalie as the next intended target, but Russell wanted to take her to the end, assuming that he will get more Jury votes. He turned the tables on Jaison instead, and he was eliminated. After a close final Immunity Challenge, Russell won immunity over Brett. As a last chance to stay alive, Brett tried to convince Russell to eliminate Mick instead. Though Russell considered Brett's idea, the remaining Foa Foas prevailed as the last Galu member took his fall in a 3-1 vote.

At the Final Tribal Council, Hantz was berated for being arrogant and overly two-faced. Despite his aggressive game plan garnered him votes from Shambo and John Fincher, though he eventually lost when the other Jury members voted for Natalie instead. In the reunion show, Russell bribed Natalie to surrender the Sole Survivor title to him for $100,000, for he felt he was more deserving than her, in which Natalie declined. His antics, however, made him earn the Sprint Player of the Season award, giving him $100,000.

His brother, Willie appeared in Big Brother 14. He was expelled on Week 2 after headbutting another contestant.

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