It's like I've always said, my heart is my SECOND biggest organ
~ Russell trying to pick up a woman in a retirement home
I kinda did
~ Russell's signature catchphrase - his most famous line

Russell Dunbar is the main antagonist of the Rules of Engagement TV Series, while he is in no way an evil person and hasn't done anything beyond redemption, he is still a promiscuous playboy who picks up strange women to have sex with them and never calls them back. His villainous role also pans out by his abusive way of treating his assistant Timmy and him trying to flirt with his friends wives.

He is portrayed by the comedian David Spade


Russell grew up in a broken home, he was neglected by his mother and father which also carried out into his adult years. As such he was raised by his housekeeper which began his love for the theatre. Russell possessed a lot of talents at a young age such as cello however once their parents gave him an attractive teacher it began his lifelong pursuit of promiscuity.

In his early forties (although he constantly lies about his age) Russell is a fully-grown man with the emotional maturity of a teenager. He spends most of his time either picking up women in sleazy bars, hanging around the Long Island Diner and flirting with his best friends wives.

Somewhere around Season 3 to 4 Russell had picked up a male assistant, Timir Patel, he constantly abuses Timmy by making him do lackey-like tasks and the only reason he actually hired him was because Timmy caught the bagel that Russell had thrown at him. Russell constantly degrades Timmy's background either misinterpreting him for being British or Indian and even furthers out his humiliation by using him to pick up women.

In later seasons, Russells mother came to town and cut off his trust fund. Around the end of the TV show Timmy quits as when he discovers that a tracking device had been implanted in him. Howevef when Timmy faced the threat of deportation Russell married him so he could stay in the United States and it's assumed that Timmy rejoined Dunbar Enterprises.



  • The basis of Russell's humour was sarcasm which is also used by the comedian who plays him, David Spade