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She's barking mad, I thought I mentioned that
~ Russell

Russell is a minor antagonist in So Long, and Thanks For all the Fish. He is the brother of Fenchurch and is very uncaring towards her. Russell is a name, that to Arthur, conjures up images of mustached burly men who wear tuxedos with frilly sleeves and have blow-dried hair. Russell has all of these attributes. Arthur Dent meets Russell when he has hitch hiked from the other end of the Horsehead Nebula, and Arthur is very exhausted and jet lagged, and shocked to find Earth is still existing because he saw it blown up. Arthur dislikes Russell at first sight, and Russell similarly hates Arthur. He refuses to say anything about Fenchurch except that she's mad. Russell is on the way back from the hospital where she thought she was a hedgehog. Russell is trying to put Arthur off liking his sister and he refuses to take Arthur any further than his village. Russell also snaps at Arthur for clutching the handbrake. All in all, Russell is not a very good welcome to Arthur after ten years of not having human contact.

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