Because the number of raised hands is zero, Westcott MD’s request for dismissal will be rejected.
~ Russell after the DEM Board of Members tried to dismiss Westcott from the MD post have their hands cut off by Ellen
Well then, I will make a decision - those who approves Westcott’s dismissal, raise your hand.
~ Russell to DEM Board of Members

Russell is an unseen antagonist in Date A Live. He is the Chairman of DEM Industries Board of Members and a officer of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries. He is the person that covers all the Isaac Ray Peram Westcott's atrocities and is responsible for half of D.E.M Industries's actions in the entire world. Russell is also a supporting antagonist in Light Novel Volume 8 Chapter 2.


He is described as an old person to the point of this is getting almost blinding. He is an old man who has no strength even to walk and is always in a wheelchair.


Russell is a very calm and quiet person, he never showed another expression even after all members of the DEM Board of Members have their arms cut in front of him while the whole room was covered in blood. He is a cold man that is willing to commit horrible acts only to cover Westcott's corruption.



Russell is possibly one of the Deus.Ex.Machina founders and is one of the 3 people who founded the D.E.M Industries 30 years ago before of the first spacequake created by the First Spirit that caused the destruction of 2 entire countries and the death of 150 million people. He possibly worked with Elliot Baldwin Woodman in the past, before Elliot left the D.E.M Industries and creates the Ratatoskr. Russell certainly is related to the first space earthquake 30 years ago along with Isaac Westcott.

Volume 8

Russell appears sitting beside to Westcott at the DEM industries Great Britain company. After some of the DEM Industries Board of Members found out about Westcott's crimes, Roger demanded Russell's permission to withdraw Wescott as director of company. After he given some thought, Russell ask the board members to raise their hands who wanted to approves Westcott's dismissal. Russell then says that Westcott's dismissal will be rejected, Roger ask Russell why did he say that, Russell then tells him that he is just counting the results he has seen and leaves after the board members had their arms they raised cut off by Ellen.


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