Rupert Stiltskin/"The Dwarf" is a villain in the 1978 hit movie, Foul Play.  

He was played by the late Marc Lawrence.

Rupert Stiltskin/"The Dwarf"


As a top contract killer, the head of Turk, Whitey Jackson, and Scarface, and following orders from his bosses, Delia Darrow and Charlie Thorncrest. He oversaw that Darrow's and Thorncrest's plan for revenge went accordingly. No setbacks like Gloria's interference for example. After trying to kidnap Gloria a couple of times they finally succeed in kidnapping Gloria at massage parlor then bring her to their base. When Tony arrives he and Mr.Hennessey knock Turk unconscious then Tony finds his partner Ferguson in the basement, who tells him that Delia and Charlie plan to kill the pope because to them he's the symbol of organized religion, which to them, is a corrupt, greedy sham involving powerful billion-dollar corporations. Also that Charlie isn't the archbishop but he's really the archbishop's twin brother. Then Rupert finds Tony down in the basement and Tony shoots and kills Rupert in self-defense making a domino fall effect with the wine racks in the process crushing Rupert.


  • His name his similar to a fairytale character named Rumpletiltskin from the fairytale of the same name.