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Rupert Anderson

Rupert Anderson was one of the detective investigating the murders of Cheney, Goodman and Schwerner in the 1988 movie Mississippi Burning.

He was portrayed by Gene Hackman.

However, the reason he's a villain is what he does at the end with Lester when he tries to get him to cooperate. This really shows what a villain (and a badass at that) he could resort to being. One has to wonder if he's a sadist. He's a manipulator: he basically stages an attack on Lester, pretending to be the KKK in order to get him so paranoid, to turn him against his fellow Klansmen. It pretty much shows what kinda man Rupert was all along (Rupert always came off as a nasty man). He and his pals laugh about it at the end, except for Ward. Rupert crosses into villainary in this movie. His involvement in the case partially stems from selfishness, when he sees Pell beat his wife. This doesn't excuse the KKK, but he in some ways becomes no better than them. If he was capable of this, it makes you wonder what kinda rotten past this man has had.

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