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Runuganga is a minor villain in the anime/manga Bleach.


Runuganga is a hollow made entirly out of the sands of Hueco Mundo. His arms are very long, with the forearms being much thicker than his upper arms. Runuganga's head greatly resembles a sand castle. His Hollow hole is located at the center of his chest.


When Ichigo and his friend were inflitrated Hueco Mundo, they eventually come across Runuganga. Ichigo, Chad, and Uryū attacked Runuganga relentlessly, but their all their attacks fail. Everytime they attacked him, Runuganga heal all his wounds. Ichigo and his friends were eventually rescued by the arrival of Renji and Rukia. Rukia uses her Shikai's second dance, Hakuren, and presumibly killing Runuganga. However, Runuganga returns and attempted to finished them off. He does this by opening a sinkhole that sends all of them tumbling into the Forest of Menos. What happened to Runuganga is currently unknown.

Powers & Skills

Runuganga has stardard Spiritual Pressure. His main ability is the ability to manipulate the sand around him. He can use this ability to create massive pits in order to trap the group of anyone who tries to infiltrate Las Noches. Runuganga can also create multiple tornadoes. As seen in his battle with Ichigo, Chad, and Uryū, Runuganga also has the ability to use this to regenerate lost body parts and wounds, making him immune to most physical and Kidō attacks. Runuganga also has the ability to widen his jaw to such a size as to swallow the entire group of his opponents in one fell swoop. Runuganga is said to have many bodies as he is basically just sand.


  • Runuganga is voiced by Lex Lang

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