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Rumor (real name : Mario) is the main antagonist in the The Batman episode "Rumors". Mario was the bodyguard of industrialist Paul Karon, but when he failed to protect him from the Joker, he stole technology from his company and began to kidnap supervillains in Gotham as "Rumor" and planned to kill all of them.

History Edit

Before "Rumors" Edit

Mario failed to protect his boss from the Joker during the unveiling of his newest invention who wanted it for himself, Batman saved him but Karon was left crippled and Mario was felt responsible. Mario felt so guilty that guilt clouded his judgement and he was lead to steal a prototype power-suit from his employer's company and decided to capture all of Gotham's supervillains and execute them all.

The Batman Edit

After stealing the power-suit, Mario kidnapped Killer Croc, Hugo Strange, Man-Bat, Bane, Poison Ivy, Black Mask, Mr. Freeze, Spellbinder, Firefly, Ragdoll, Temblor, Cluemaster, No.1, Man-Bat, Gearhead, Harley Quinn, the Kabuki Twins, Killer Moth, Punch and Judy, Ventriloquist and Scarface, Rupert Thorne, and Riddler. He later kidnaps both Catwoman and Penguin after an altercation with Batman in a museum. Lastly, he kidnaps Joker rather quickly.

Batman originally suspected Paul of being Rumor but realized Mario was Rumor. Meanwhile, Mario is getting ready to kill all of his victims with a giant version of Karon's sound device. Batman and Robin come in to stop him from committing mass murder. However, they accidentally let all of Mario's victims lose. The duo save Mario from the vengeful villains but he is taken to jail along with all the other villains.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As Rumor Mario had superhuman strength, speed and durability from his suit. He was also very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and his suit housed a variety of weapons, enough to capture dangerous and deranged villains. He usually used a staff in combat.