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Rumble is a fictional character of Tinker Bell series. He is a storm fairy and his first and only appearence was in Pixie Hollow Games. Rumble was the main antagonist of the movie. His partner is Glimmer.


Rumble is a self-centered fairy who has a "winning" attitude, but usually goes too far in it. He has Glimmer under his control, meaning that Glimmer trusts anything of Rumble.


  • Rumble shares similarities with Alejandro Burromuerto from Total Drama World Tour
    • Both ended up in second place (Alejandro-USA)
    • Both cheated to win. (Rumble-Crashing Rosetta's car. Alejandro-Causing many eliminations and manipulation.)
    • Both didn't like being second-best.
    • Both were main antagonists during their debut.
    • Both were desperate to win.
  • Rumble hums the anthem during his sleep.
  • His name comes from rumble, to shake.

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