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Rum is the secondary member of the Black Organization and a major antagonist in Detective Conan. The only known information about Rum is that this person is the Boss's most trusted minion. In addition, Rum is half-blinded and has a false eye. Other informations, including his/her physical appearances, gender, age and so on, are all currently enigmatic.

Rum was first mentioned by Kir from her message, appearing in File 898 in manga, and then the unseen criminal was only mentioned throughout the whole series (both manga and anime), though he might appear in some part of the story in a disguise.

In the 2016 movie, The Darkest Nightmare, a mysterious girl who lost her memory was suspected to be Rum or connected with the whole consparicy, due to the color of her eyes are different. The movie marks the very first time Rum was referred in Detective Conan cinematic films.


Not much known about Rum's physical appearance other than his/her false eye, and not even Sherry/Ai could tell since she barely know him/her. People known Rum as a "man who looked like a woman", but it may refers to a tomboyish woman. Ai described Rum had many possible physical appearances, including a strong male, an elderly man or a male looked like female, but she was not sure if they are the same person (Rum) or just Rum's copycats since there are rumors like so.


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