The Ruler, also known as "Real Great Emperor Zero" (支配者 (真のゼロ大帝) Shihaisha (Shin no Zero Taitei), 24) is the true leader of 2 evil organizations known as the Garanda Empire and Geddon. He wears silvery white robes that hide his true nature. He makes himself known to Amazon when he destroys the Helium Bomb's detonation system, unmasked as he fights Amazon in his throne room before being impaled on his spear and having both his arms cut off. He still refuses to go down quietly, forcing Amazon to use Super Dai Setsudan to behead him, causing him to explode with Garanda's base destroyed in the process.


  • The Ruler of the Garanda Empire was voiced by Osamu Saka (阪 脩 Saka Osamu). Revealed as Great Emperor Zero, he was portrayed by Hirohisa Nakata (中田 博久 Nakata Hirohisa).
  • Emperor Zero is mentioned in the Super Hero Taihen The Grown-ups’ Narumi Detective Agency Ep. 3: What’s the Show That Came After Amazon? web movie, which reveals how Amazon's 7:30pm Saturday night time slot on NET-TV was taken by the original Super Sentai, Himitsu Sentai GorengerIcon While the Kamen Rider Series was moved to a new time slot as Kamen Rider Stronger aired on Saturday nights on TBS. Gokai Silver mentioned watching the last episode of Amazon, saying the identity of Emperor Zero was a surprise.
  • When the Great Leader of Delza Army revealed to the original Seven Riders that he had been behind the other previous evil organizations opposed by the Riders. Along with Shocker, Gel-Shocker, Destron, G.O.D., and Black Satan, the Great Leader noted Geddon, but not Garanda, among them. What relationship the Ruler and the Great Leader had is unknown. Years later, when the Badan Empire emerged, they noted Geddon and Garanda among the past evil organizations who failed in their ambitions to to take over the world.