Rudy One

Rudy One is a robot from The Puzzle Place. He is the titular secondary antagonist of the episode of the same name whom Naughty One sends to start a fight between any two kids. To do this, he befriends one of them (Leon) and insults the rest calling them and what they do "ridiculous". This starts a fight between Leon and Skye, much to Rudy's joy. However, Leon ends the fight by saying that if Skye wants Rudy One to leave, so will he (Leon). Eventually, Leon realizes Skye was right when he overhears them complaining about Rudy One's insults and him explaining why he called them "ridiculous". Jody says they aren't fighting because they are friends and he is wrong. Rudy tells them that they aren't his friends, meaning he can say whatever he wants to them. Leon resents it and tells him they are his (Leon's) friends, and says that being mean to his friends is just like being mean to him, and Julie adds that it means he has to change his manner of behavior. The kids then sing a song to him about insults and how they feel. After he is moved, he decides to leave. However, Kiki reprograms him to "love" people and others, which turns out to include lima beans, dull crayons, and cleaning up his room, much to the other kids' chagrin. Although Kiki then decides he needs more tuning, Rudy calls his boss and recites (spokenly) the refrain for Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called to Say I Love You" (only substituting "rump" for "heart"), much to Naughty One's dismay, and he points out Rudy is a complete system failure. Then Rudy is demanded to report to him immediately.